#12046  Vertical Drilling/Milling Machine
General Features:

  • Geared head spindle drive construction.
  • Coolant system on machine base.
  • Gear change on front panel for convenience.
  • Head up and down via rack and pinion drive.
  • Mechanical clutch downfeed works well with small to large diameter hole drilling.
  • Massive diameter quill provides high rigidity.
  • Micro feed on spindle for precise work.
  • Oil bathed gear head provides maximum efficiency, smooth, quiet operation and long
    life service.
  • Spindle fitted with heavy duty taper roller bearings.
  • Spindle over travel protection prevents damage to transmission gears.
  • Tapping function with automatic start and automatic reverse.
  • Head tilts 90º left and 30º right for angle drilling.
  • Standard Accessories: Cutting Arbor, Handle Rod, Table Handle, Head Handle, Knob,
    Lock Handle for Head Body, MT4 or R8 Spindle Taper, Punch Key, Paint (Can).
Model: JFC-46SF
 Drilling Capacity
Cast Iron
50 mm
Mild Steel
32 mm
 Tapping Capacity
Mild Steel
22 mm
 Face Mill Capacity
Mild Steel
100 mm
 End Mill Capacity
Mild Steel
25 mm
520 mm
 Spindle Nose to Table
798 mm
1,360 mm
 Spindle Taper
 Spindle Travel
130 mm
 Quill Diameter
Ø75 mm
 Column Diameter
Ø115 mm
 Number of Downfeed Changes
 Downfeed Rates
0.12, 0.18, 0.25 mm per rev.
 Number of Spindle Speed Changes
 Spindle Speed Range
60 Hz
60~1,500 RPM
50 Hz
50~1,250 RPM
 Working Surface of Table
540x470 mm
 Number of T-Slots
 T-Slot Size
16x26 mm
 Center Distance between T-Slots
160 mm
 Spindle Motor
1.5 HP
 Coolant Pump Motor
1/8 HP
 Machine Dimension (LxWxH)
660x760x2,255 mm
 Net Weight
280 kgs
 Packing Volume
52 cft  (1.47 cbm)
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Haupt Industries, Inc.
Taipei 106, Taiwan
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