#15343  Surface Grinding Machine
Best selected quality Meehanite cast iron main parts.  Model PFG-D4080AH in double wall construction for extra rigidity and stability.   
Continuous lubrication system on PFG-D4080AH; intermittent lubrication system on PFG-2550AH and PFG-CL3060AH.  Precise accuracy
and minimum friction guaranteed.
Description / Model
 Working Surface of Table
250x500 mm
300x600 mm
400x800 mm
 Maximum Table Travel
270x550 mm
340x700 mm
450x860 mm
 Maximum Distance Spindle Center to Table
500 mm
500 mm
550 mm
 Table Speed
5~25 M/min.
 Power Cross Feed
60 Hz
1,100 mm/min.
50 Hz
900 mm/min.
 Cross Feed on Hand Wheel
1 rev.
5 mm
1 div.
0.02 mm
 Auto Cross Feed Increment
0.1~12 mm
0.1~20 mm
0.1~20 mm
 Vertical Feed on Hand Wheel
1 rev.
2 mm
1 div.
0.01 mm
 Rapid Head Elevation - Option
60 Hz
550 mm/min.
50 Hz
450 mm/min.
 Wheel Speed
60 Hz
3,500 RPM
1,750 RPM
1,750 RPM
50 Hz
2,900 RPM
1,450 RPM
1,450 RPM
 Wheel Dimension
180x13x31.75 mm
355x38x127 mm
406x50x127 mm
 Spindle Motor
2 HP
5 HP
5 HP
 Hydraulic Pump Motor
1 HP
1 HP
2 HP
 Machine Net Weight
1,350 kg
1,700 kg
3,250 kg
 Packing Measurement
223 cft
307 cft
483 cft
Herramientas con calidad alemana a precios taiwaneses
Standard Accessories:
  • Electrode Magnetic Chuck
  • Grinding Wheel
  • Wheel Flange
  • Flange Extractor
  • Wheel Balancing Base
  • Wheel Balancing Arbor
  • Diamond Dresser
  • Work Light
  • Box of Tools
  • Operation Manual with Parts List

Optional Accessories:
  • Rapid Power Head Elevation
  • Auto Demagnetizer
  • Parallel Dresser
  • Coolant System
  • Magnetic Separator with Coolant System
  • Auto Paper Strip Filter Coolant System
General Features:
  • Cross feed table on double V-ways.  Longitudinal feed table
    on one flat way and one V-way.
  • All guideways are coated with Turcite-B for smooth operation.
  • Hydraulic system on longitudinal movement.  Automatic
    power cross feed.  Vertical feed is manual.  
  • Centralized electrical board on all models for maximum
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