#21210  Magnetic Clamping Block
  • Patented in Germany, Japan, Korea.  Patent pending in USA, Italy,
    Taiwan and China.
  • Traditionally, 2 sides of a work are clamped by a vise and so there are
    3 sides at maximum to work on.  With the use of this Magnetic Clamping
    Block, 5 sides can be processed at the same time.
  • Good for use in Machining Center or Milling Machine. For   vertical
    machines, block should be set up horizontally; for horizontal machines,
    it should be set up vertically.
  • Accuracy 0.01mm per 100 mm in parallelism and 0.015 mm in
Clamping Force
Min. Size of Work
Connecting Switch
2,100 kgf
Thickness 20 mm
Area 12,000 mm²
115 mm
134 mm
36 kg
2,100 kgf
115 mm
134 mm
Not Included
36 kg
Standard Accessories
Switch Handle 1 set
Induction Soft Block 1 set
Stopping Plate 1 set
Guide Key 2 pc
Switch Connector 1 set
  • The larger the size of the work, the better the result can be obtained.
  • For small size of the workpiece, it is suggested to set up Stopping Plates or, as the case
    may be, cut one or two 1~3 mm width of grooves in  Induction Soft Blocks, as shown in
    the pictures at right.
  • Induction Soft Blocks can be made by the end user.  The important thing is that the
    surfaces must be finely ground so that the magnetism can be transmitted thoroughly.
  • The size of Induction Soft Block is 232 mm in length, 57 mm in width and 21 mm in
    thickness.  It can be purchased from us as a matter of course.  In this case, please
    mention model number ECB-21024.
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