#45442  Air Foot Pump
Heavy gauge steel frame with perfectly sealed cylinder size 110x54 mm (4"x2¼") in
blue enameled finish.  610 mm (24") long hose with adapters.  Dual reading
pressure gauge up to 100 PSI and 7 kg/cm².  Weight 0.85 kg, packed 20 pcs to
shipping carton, 1.8 cft.
#45455  Tire Inflater
Deluxe type, designed for use with direct air lines.  6" chrome plated die cast
aluminum dual air chuck.  Water-proof die cast aluminum body with corrosion
resistant brass valve.  Easy-to-read built-in pressure gauge measures up to 120 PSI
or 10 kg/cm² .  12" top quality rubber air hose.  Air inlet 1/4" NPT.  Each in box, weight
0.5 kg, packed 25 pcs to shipping carton, 1.8 cft.
#45561  Pencil Type Tire Gauge
For long tire life, safer driving, greater gas mileage.  Chrome plated metal case and
indicating bar, calibrated 5~50 PSI & 0.5~3.5 kg/cm².  135 mm (5¼") long, with
convenient pocket clip.  Blister packaged, weight 0.03 kg, packed 500 pcs to
shipping carton, 3 cft.
#45570  Precision Tire Gauge
Easy-to-read gauge with color-coded 50 mm (2") dial measures up to 100 PSI or 7
kg/cm².  Handy reset button, deflater pin, and angle chuck.  High impact plastic case.  
Blister packaged, weight 0.04 kg, packed 250 pcs to shipping carton, 3 cft.
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