5-Pc Jig Saw Blade Set
Fine quality SK-4 high carbon steel painted finish, with reverse teeth for smooth finishing on top side of the cut.  3¼ " long, 9 TPI, 1/4"
shank.  Used for cutting plywood, formica, decorative veneers and plastics.  Set mounted on card blister packed, weight 0.03 kg, packed
40 sets in inner box, 400 sets to shipping carton, 1 cft.
#48738  8-Pc Saber Saw Blade Set
Fine quality SK-4 high carbon steel, properly
heat treated in painted finish.  1/4" shank,
color-coded.  Fits all popular brands of saws.  
Set on card skin packaged includes 1 each of
5" Deep Cutting Blade, Flush Cutting Blade,
Knife Cutting Blade, Fine Cutting Blade,
Medium Cutting Blade, Coarse Cutting Blade,
Metal Cutting Blade & Scroll Cutting Blade,
weight 0.055 kg, packed 24 sets in inner box,
240 sets to shipping carton, 1.2 cft.
Herramientas con calidad alemana a precios taiwaneses
#48724A  5-Pc Jig Saw Blade Set  (For Peugeot)
#48724B  5-Pc Jig Saw Blade Set  (For Bosch)
#48724C  5-Pc Jig Saw Blade Set  (For Black & Decker)
#48724D  5-Pc Jig Saw Blade Set  (For Hitachi)
#48724E  5-Pc Jig Saw Blade Set  (For Makita)
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