#48765  Hand Hacksaw Blade
Made of high speed steel or bi-metal properly heat treated, width 1/2" (12.7 mm),
thickness 0.025" (0.635 mm), available in 18, 24 & 32 TPI, packed 100 pcs in box.  If
not specified, 24 TPI will be supplied.
12.7 mm
0.635 mm
1.7 kg
1,000 pc
0.3 cft
12.7 mm
0.635 mm
2.0 kg
1,000 pc
0.3 cft
#48802  High Tension Hacksaw
High tension, rugged design for heavy duty use.  Fully adjustable tension provides
longer blade life and fast, accurate cuts.  Tension guide on handle lever.  Die cast
aluminum end pieces.  Heavy gauge steel bar adds strength.  Holds 12" blade.  
Each in box with 12" hacksaw blade, weight 0.57 kg, packed 36 pcs to spng ctn,
2.25 cft.
#48813  Adjustable Hacksaw
Comfortable top quality die cast aluminum handle enameled finish in blue color.  
Heavy gauge steel tubular frame chrome plated, adjustable for 10" & 12" hacksaw
blade.  Each in a polybag with 12" hacksaw blade, weight 0.34 kg, 12 pcs in an
inner box, 72 pcs to spng carton, 3.5 cft.
#48824  Adjustable Hacksaw
Chrome plated heavy gauge steel tubular frame adjustable for 10" and 12" blades.  
Comfortable grip die cast aluminum handle in silver enameled finish, complete
with 12" blade, weight 0.34 kg, packed 12 pcs in an inner box and 72 pc to spng
con, 3.5 cft.
#48835  Super-Duty Hacksaw
Blade stays sharp longer due to increased tension.  Blade flush-cuts sideways and
cuts down to surface.  Die cast aluminum end pieces and handle with plastic grip.  
Chrome plated tubular frame.  Extra blades store in tube, to be supplied with 12"
blade, weight 0.45 kg, packed 6 pcs to an inner box, 36 pcs to spng carton, 1.9 cft.
#48844  Coping Saw
Pressed steel frame nickel plated with hardwood handle.  Saw range 6".  Uses 6¾"
saw blade.  To be supplied complete with 4 extra blades of medium, fine, extra fine
and hack grades, weight 0.19 kg, packed 120 pcs to shipping carton, 2.1 cft.
Tools of German quality at Taiwanese prices
Haupt Industries, Inc.
Taipei 106, Taiwan
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