#49673  Utility Knife
Conventional type.  150 mm (6") long die cast zinc alloy handle in
silver color enameled finish.  Retractable blade with push
button.  Each blister packaged, weight 0.13 kg, packed 120 pcs
to shipping carton, 1.35 cft.
#49615  6-Pc Carving Tool Set
Professional quality.  75 mm length of blades of chrome
vanadium steel hardened to 50°~55° HRC in bright finish, with
hardwood handles.  Overall length 170 mm.  Double blister
packaged, weight 0.25 kg, packed 60 sets to spng carton, 1.8 cft.  
#49677  Utility Knife
Deluxe type.  157 mm (6⅛") long die cast zinc alloy handle in
attractive yellow color with cushion rubber grip.  Retractable
blade with push button.  Center button tightens or loosens the
blade for greater convenience.  Each blister packaged, weight
0.16 kg, packed 120 pcs to shipping carton, 1.8 cft.
Carving Tool
Drop forged tool steel carving cutters of 12 assorted shapes and
sizes.  115 mm long polished wooden handles.  Set in a display
package, weight 0.15 kg, packed 144 sets to spng carton, 2.2 cft.
#49680  5-Pc Knife Blade Set
Made of the best selected knife steel SK-5 high carbon steel,
thickness 0.5 mm.  Fits all above utility knives.  Set of 5 blades
in blister package, weight 0.022 kg, packed 500 sets to
shipping carton, 1.5 cft.
#49666  Precision Knife Set
140 mm length of die cast aluminum alloy knife holder with 5
assorted cutters and knives, complete with a polypropylene
holster.  Each set a in blister package, weight 0.13 kg, packed
72 sets to shipping carton, 2.5 cft.
#49688  Utility Knife
High impact ABS plastic case with side rubber grip.  Deluxe
heavy duty type.  Blade automatically changeable from blade
storage with positive locking button.  Overall length 175 mm
(6⅞") without blade.  Each in blister package complete with 3
blades, weight 0.15 kg, packed 144 pc to spng carton, 2.8 cft.
Knife Set
#49696  Linoleum Knife
Professional quality.  73 mm length of #420  stainless steel
blade sharpened and hardened to 53°~55° HRC, overall length
8", with PVC handle.  Each in double blister package, weight
0.19 kg, packed 72 pcs to shipping carton, 1.7 cft.
Set in a plastic case includes 4 cutter knives of different shapes,
17 replaceable knife blades of assorted shapes, and one blade
holder.  Each in box, weight 0.62 kg, packed 36 sets to shipping
carton, 2.2 cft.
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