#55233  Ratchet Puller
Drop forged steel hook with safety clip.  5 mm (3/16") diameter steel cable 4
meters (13 ft) long.  Lifting capacity 2 tons (4,400 lbs).  Minimum distance
between hooks 530 mm (21").  Maximum lift 1,800 mm (71").  Convertible to
3.8 meters (21½ ft) lift by running with single-way cable, lifting capacity being
then reduced to 1,000 kgs (2,200 lbs).  Each in box, weight 4.2 kgs, packed 6
pcs to shipping carton, 1.3 cft.
#55234  Ratchet Puller
Capacity 3 tons, weight 4.4 kgs, packed 4 pcs to shipping carton, 1.3
cft.  All other features as above.
#55455  Ratchet Tie-Down
Pressed heavy gauge steel construction complete with 25 mm (1") wide, 3.66
meters (12 ft) long strong fabric web, powerful 450 kgs (1,000 lbs) breaking
strength.  2 vinyl coated "S" hooks.  Ideal for cars, trucks, vans, boats, etc., with
built-in fast release feature.  Weight 0.42 kg, packed 72 pc to shipping carton,
2.5 cft.
#55464  Ratchet Cargo Lash
Pressed heavy gauge steel construction zinc plated finish with 50 mm (2") wide,
4.6 meters (15 ft) long super strong fabric web, powerful 2,700 kgs (6,000 lbs)
capacity.  Ratchet design for tightening with built-in quick release feature.  Each
in box, weight 1.5 kgs, packed 5 pcs to shipping carton, 1.3 cft.
#55532  Tow Rope
Indispensable for the hazards of mud, snow, motor failure, deep ditches, etc.  
Designed for cars, boats, trucks, tractors, etc.  Super strong multi-strand
polypropylene rope, 16 mm (5/8") diameter, 4.25 meters (14 ft) long, with 2
galvanized grab hooks, weight 0.9 kg, packed 20 pcs to shipping carton, 2 cft.
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