#59950  Electric Blower
Selected top quality cast aluminum housing with six aluminum propellers.  Enameled
finish.  2-pole single phase motor, speed 3,600 RPM at 60 Hz and 3,000 RPM at 50
Hz.  Sizes 4", 5" & 6" are also available with 3-phase motor.  Size 6" packed to wooden
crate, all others to shipping carton, with electric wire cord.
Size (Outlet)
Horse Power
1/10 HP
2 kg
6 pc
1.7 cft
1/6 HP
3.5 kg
4 pc
2.5 cft
1/4 HP
6 kg
3 pc
1.9 cft
1/2 HP
10 kg
1 pc
1.7 cft
1 HP
19 kg
1 pc
3.6 cft
2 HP
38 kg
1 pc
5.7 cft
#59965  High Speed Water Pump
Centrifugal motor drive mono block type.  Requires only low power yet delivers great
volume of water, 26 gallons (100 liters) per minute, and up to 30M (100 ft) of lift.  
Mechanical seals equipped for complete shaft sealing.  Stainless steel impeller
ensures excellent durability and non-corrosion.  1" size of outlet and inlet.  Enclosed
fan-cooled commutator continuous rating motor.  Input 5.6A at 110V, 2.8A at 220V.  
Speed 6,400 RPM.  Output 250W.  Weight 5.7 kg, packed 6 units to shipping carton,
2.4 cft.
#59968  Liquid Level Controller
Model ST-65AB.  Easy to install.  Two polyethylene floats (black) with 1M (40") long
string connected to an exquisitely designed relay box automatically starts or stops
pump motor to keep the tank water at a desired level.  Relay box has strong ABS
plastic housing.  L-shaped mounting bracket, 3/4" threaded pipe connector.  All main
contact points are of silver for high conductivity.  Rated 15A at 110V and 7½A at 220V.  
Control range 0.18~5M (7"~196").  Each unit in a box, weight 0.56 kg, packed 50 units
to shipping carton, 3.4 cft.
#59969  Liquid Level Controller
Model ST-70AB.  Features double pipe connectors, 3/4" PT & 1" PT for greater
convenience.  Relay box with strong ABS plastic housing, silver contacting points for
top sensitivity.  Comes with 2 yellow solid sinkers and 1M (40") long connecting
string.  L-shaped bracket for easy mounting.  Automatically keeps tank water level at
a desired position for pumping in or draining out water.  Rated 15A at 110V and 7½A
at 220V.  Control range 0.18~5M (7"~196").  Each unit in a box, weight 0.6 kg, packed
40 units to shipping carton, 2.5 cft.
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