#53901  Tree Pruner
Pressed wrought steel pruner head, black enameled finish, with drop forged
steel pruning blade, 3,225 mm (127") long rope and two pulleys.  Fully
assembled 355 mm (14") steel saw blade for cutting thick branches.  Each in
blister package, weight 1 kg, packed 24 pcs to shipping carton, 2.5 cft.
Pole to be supplied separately.  See below.
#53902  Aluminum Pole
For use with #53901 Tree Pruner.  Extended length 2.4M (96"), 2-section telescoping design, top quality aluminum tube PVC coated,
adjustable between length 1.4~2.4M (55"~96").  Each in a polybag, weight 0.63 kg, packed 24 pcs to shipping carton, 1 cft.
Telescoping aluminum pole extends 1.8~3.0M (5'10"~9'10") and locks into place,
revolves 180°.  Uniquely designed pruner blade cuts and holds twigs and
branches.  350 mm (14") steel curved saw blade cuts thick branches.  Adjustable
sliding hand grip.  Weight 1.12 kg, packed bulk 12 units to shipping carton, 2.1 cft.
#96568  Fold-Up Rake
Telescoping steel pole, with nylon hand grip, knocks down for compact storage.  
Handle is composed of 2 steel tubes, epoxy powder coated finish.  The front
section 3/4" dia. x 0.6mm thickness, the rear section 1" dia. x 0.7mm thickness,
with nylon coupler screwed to lock together.  Polypropylene 22-tine rake head 540
mm (21¼") of extended width, foldable into 2 halves, with 6 side tines for easy
pick-up of leaves and other debris.  Rotating ratchet grip grasps and releases
debris into and from the foldable tine head.  Overall length 1,580 mm (62¼"),
weight 1.25 kg, packed each in a 5-ply carton for shipment.  1,320 units loaded
into a 20' container and 2,640 into a 40' container.
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#53913  Pole Pruner
Haupt Industries, Inc.
Taipei 106, Taiwan
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