#93085  Aerator Sandals
Elaborately designed to breathe new life into lawn.  Sandals with 26 zinc plated steel spikes
(length 55mm of 2⅛") aerate crusted soil for efficient fertilizing, carry oxygen and water down to
grass roots, enrich and thicken lawn.  305 mm (12") long high impact polyethylene plastic sandals
with fully adjustable polypropylene straps and nickel plated steel buckles.  Each pair in a polybag,
weight 0.83 kg, packed 10 pairs in an inner box, 20 pairs to shipping carton, 1.2 cft.
#96577  Garden Knee Pads
Protect your knees when doing gardening chores.  Green PVC plastic pads in size of 155x125
mm (6⅛"x5") with adjustable plastic straps to fit any size of knees.  Packed each pair in a plastic
bag with header, weight 0.26 kg, 36 pairs to a shipping carton, 1.22 cft.
#96585A  Folding Kneeler/Sitter
Uniquely designed, this folding kneeler/sitter is sturdily constructed.  19 mm
(3/4") diameter and 1.0 mm thick tubular steel handles/legs with 8 plastic
protective clips, and polyethylene cushion pad make gardening and
household chores easier.  Strong steel frame won't collapse or wobble.  
Folds flat for easy carrying and storage.  Pad size 400 mm (15¾") long, 222
mm (8¾") wide, 32 mm (1¼") thick.  Kneeling height 120 mm (4¾"), sitting
height 330 mm (13").  Extended dimension: length 550 mm (21½"), width 270
mm (10½"), height 420 mm (16½").  Folded dimension: length 610 mm (24"),
width 260 mm (10¼"), height 95 mm (3¾").  Weight 2.7 kg, packed each in an
inner box, 6 pcs to shipping carton, 4.1 cft.
#96585C  Folding Kneeler/Sitter
All features same as #95858A Folding Kneeler/Sitter, but both
sides fixed with EVA cushion seats for more comfortable kneeling
and sitting.
Herramientas con calidad alemana a precios taiwaneses
Roll this aerator across your lawn when you water or fertilize to keep it green and
thriving.  Aerator head contains 27 steel spikes of 55 mm (2⅛") length, 2 plastic wheels
of 125 mm (5") diameter, a total width of 415 mm (16⅜").  3-section steel tubular handle
of 1" diameter, overall length 1,250 mm (50").  Each in a 5-ply brown box, weight 3.2 kg,
packed 5 units to a shipping carton, 1.5 cft.  Assembly required.
#93050  Rolling Lawn Aerator
600 units
Haupt Industries, Inc.
Taipei 106, Taiwan
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