#97360  Long Handle Grass Shears
Drop forged S50C steel blades properly heat treated, Teflon coated.  Blade 170 mm (6½") long with 125 mm (5") cutting length.  7/8"
outside diameter aluminum tube handle anodized finish, length 760 mm (30").  Special plastic (nylon + lead) blade holder with 2 wheels
and handle assembly with blade opening and closing button.  Overall length 950 mm (37½"), weight 0.85 kg, packed 6 pc to shipping
carton, 2.3 cft.
#97440  Rotary Aerator
Helps loosen soil to allow air, water and vital nutrients to penetrate.  Heat treated carbon steel rotary spiker in fluorescent zinc plated
finish, 150 mm (6") diameter, with 7/8" outside diameter epoxy powder coated steel tube handle, overall length 1,370 mm (54"), weight
1.27 kg, packed 6 pc to shipping carton, 2 cft.
#97600  4-in-1 Lawn Care Tool Set
Set includes one each of Tool Holder Assembly, Cultivator Head, Aerator Head, Bulb Planter Head, and Weeder Head.  7/8" diameter
steel tube black epoxy powder coated to resist rust, overall length 875 mm (34½") without tool head.  Handle length 340 mm (13⅜") with
comfortable foam grips.  All tool heads are epoxy powder coated.
  • Cultivator works a diameter of 100 mm (4"), and 95 mm (3¾") depth.
  • Aerator works a diameter of 45 mm (1¾"), and 90 mm (3½") depth.
  • Bulb Planter works a diameter of 65 mm (2½"), and 110 mm (4⅜") depth.
  • Weeder works a diameter of 30 mm (1⅛"), and 170 mm (6¾") depth.
Each set is packed to a shipping carton, weight 2.1 kg, measurement 0.35 cft.
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