#98586  Garden Wheelbarrow
7/8" diameter steel tube epoxy powder coated for rust
resistance with comfortable black foam grips, length
1,350 mm (53⅛") each side.  Easy rolling blown
plastic wheel diameter 200 mm (4"), 80 mm (3⅛")
width.  Polyester basin measures 220x700x850x250
mm (8½"x27½"x33½"x10"), carries up to 45 kgs or 100
lbs and holds up to 3.5 cft.  The basin can be placed at
ground level for easy loading, and handles can be
folded at 90° for easy storage.  Each unit packed in a 5-
ply shipping carton, weight 2.7 kg, 0.6 cft.

Minimum order quantity:
600 units
Tools of German Quality at Taiwanese Prices
#98505  Step Edger
An easy walking motion trims the lawn
professionally.  Heat treated carbon steel
blade of 316x100 mm (12½x4") size, with
sharpened edge.  3/4" diameter steel tubular
handle in black epoxy coated finish for rust
resistance, 850 mm (33½") length.  Great for
trimming along sidewalks, curbs, etc.  Each
in a 5-ply brown box, weight 1.7 kg, 10 units
packed to a shipping carton, 2.6 cft.

Minimum order quantity:
500 units
Haupt Industries, Inc.
Taipei 106, Taiwan
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